Drupal OR Joomla – Which is precise For You?

Well, the www. is replete with Drupal Vs Joomla sorta stuff and most of them conclude that one must pick the CMS that can serve one’s needs best. Most of these comparisons don’t provide any guidance on how users can pick the one according to their needs.

If you want to create your own website or blog and don’t have any previous experience of creating a website or managing its content, you will prefer a system that is simple and easy to use and with least technicalities involved. But how would you pick what can serve your purpose best? It’s true that you must determine your needs first to pick the right software package for your website, but how can you pick them without knowing their pros and cons.

To quantify their pros and cons, one must compare their performance and functional aspects, ease of use and learning, appearance and documentation.

However, apart from website owners, developers have certain preferences. In general, drupal developers seem quite satisfied with drupal content management system while Joomla developers seem to blow the trumpets of the available features and functions in Joomla. But here we are trying to find out which CMS is right for the general users and we are not comparing these two from a developer’s view point.

For those looking for better extensibility or want to run a large site, Drupal may prove a right pick for them. Many well known organizations of the world like the UN, the Discovery Chanel and Warner Brothers are using Drupal CMS for their sites mainly because of its effective security features. This CMS has also been rated higher than Joomla for its better documentation. Similarly, the users of this CMS reckon it better than Joomla when it comes to multimedia support, SSL, social networking and user management.

On the other hand, if you are not a geek, you may find Joomla a better option because of its ease of use in managing and maintaining your website. Joomla allows its users to upgrade maintain and publish their content with loads of ease and they often don’t need technical assistance when doing so.

Keep in mind that there is no cut and dried answer to find which content management system is better, as a lot depends on your website requirement.

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