Why Hiring A Professional Is The Safe Way To Prune

It is a fact that there are lots of trees, and from time to time they grow to such size that they need to be removed. The tree may have become so large that it is obstructing power lines, in which case it could be cut back, or it may be in danger of falling, which could prove dangerous.

Felling a large tree can be a delicate operation, depending on where it is located in reference to other buildings and roads. Then once the tree is felled, it must be removed and the stump destroyed.wrong way to cut down a tree

This is why felling a large tree is not a job that an amateur should attempt, as it takes special knowledge and equipment to get the job done. A top rated tree service in Decatur will get this done the right way.

Most amateurs make dangerous mistakes in their approach to felling a tree, especially if it is large. For example they will walk right up to a tree and make one cut, say as a notch, and they think this is going to work. The problem is that often, the tree does not cooperate. In some cases, the tree will split from the top down and the majority of the tree will land right where the person with the saw is standing.

This can happen very fast, where the bulk of the trunk can land on the person holding the saw. The best way to cut a tree is to cut the notch from the direction you want the tree to fall, and then cut called the “felling cut” straight through to the notch, and a hinge is formed. This is the best way to be sure that the tree will fall in the direction you want it to fall.

Even so, the process of felling trees is best left to Decatur professionals who do this for a living. They are experienced and have the proper equipment for tackling this precarious process.

Once the tree is on the ground, the project is just beginning, as the branches and the trunk must now be sawed into smaller pieces and hauled off, away from the property. Then the stump must be ground up in order to free up the space that formerly held the tree, for other usage.big tree removal

Many times, professional tree removal personnel will begin the process from the top of the tree in order to get rid of the top-heaviness part of the tree. This can involve equipment such as cranes, roping mechanisms, and other equipment devised to control the direction of limbs, branches and trunks as they are taken off of the tree.

The cost of tree removal depends on the tree size, the type of tree, and whether or not you want the branches hauled off and the stump removed. Basic costs can be as much as $1,500 to $2,500 just for cutting down the tree, with additional ranging from $300 to $750 for hauling off the wood, and grinding the stump.

You should always get a written estimate from the best Decatur tree removal company just to be sure you are getting relative quotes.

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