The WeloveATL project I absolutely love these — there are…

The WeloveATL project

I absolutely love these — there are now large collections of #weloveatl photos all over the walls of the northbound platform at the Five Points MARTA station (possibly elsewhere too, this is just where I saw them).

What a great way to start your day: waiting for the train while looking at photos of Atlanta!

If you’re unfamiliar with the wonderful WeloveATL project, take a look at their website. The project creators hope that it: “inspires and empowers people in the Atlanta area to come together and share their love of the city through photography and other visual art.”

It works! Do a search for the #weloveatl tag on Tumblr or Twitter or Instagram (among other places) and you’ll see how much it’s been used as an outlet for Atlantans to show their love for the city by tagging their photos with this.

In a city that, for a long time, experienced internet chatter focused on it in a largely negative way for a long time (that’s how it seemed to me, anyway), this is a big boost.

Also be on the lookout for the WeloveATL mobile-gallery truck as it makes appearances at events around town.

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