Atlanta Streetcar test run and update

Instagram user (and my neighbor) Sharon Gavin shared this wonderful little video of the Atlanta Streetcar making its first test run under its own electric power last night.

Apparently the test was a success. The streetcar made it around the 2.7 mile loop and stopped at all the platforms on the way. Next up: two more test runs next week, followed by driver training and a safety education period. The streetcar should be ready for passenger service by the end of the year.

There’s a great resource page with streetcar safety tips here. One tidbit: “a Streetcar traveling at 20 miles per hour takes almost 60 feet to stop” — so don’t expect these things to be able to brake quickly if you’re trying to be an aggressive driver (or pedestrian or cyclist) trying to cut in front of them.

Honestly, just this little video clip is really exciting for me to see. I’m biased because I live a block away from the line, but seeing it run on the track under its electric power makes it seem real. This is actually happening.

Last night, a streetcar ran on electric power on an Atlanta street for the first time since 1949. And it did so on Edgewood Avenue, where the first electric streetcar in Atlanta ran in 1889. That’s some cool stuff.

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