Downtown MARTA stations getting a makeover

Here’s a pic of Five Points MARTA Station in Downtown Atlanta from my morning commute. I love watching a train zoom by then seeing the people on the platform across from me. It’s a whoosh of loud, exciting speed and bright colors, contrasted with the sight of people standing around serenely.

There’s a very interesting project happening involving this station and the next one to the south of it, Garnett Station. Both are part of the Downtown South MARTA Stations Makeover, which will get community input on “creative placemaking and ‘tactical urbanism’ enhancements” for them and then put them into action.

If you’re in Atlanta and want to participate, the first event to gather input is on October 20 at 11:00am – 1:00pm at Five Points Station. Look for people in bright orange T-shirts that say “I Choose MARTA.”

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